Meeting the Right Clients and Colleagues at NUMI

Meeting the Right Clients and Colleagues at NUMI

Kerim Al-Lami is a superb designer with years of experience as a freelancer. Kerim’s clients engaged him to give them a leg up before securing new rounds of funding or expanding into new markets. 

Kerim really enjoyed the project based work of a freelancer, but there were some drawbacks. When Harrison reached out to Kerim, he was excited to start a new journey with NUMI.

Finding Clients Fast

Kerim was impressed with NUMI’s initial outreach to him, and he was really excited to work a designer co-founder. NUMI’s positive impact was apparent from the start. Just a few days after signing, Karim was already on a call with client discussing their design vision. 

Managing Operational Headaches

Kerim’s transition to working with NUMI was painless. All of the operational headaches of being a freelancer - figuring out budgets, payment methods, and the legal particulars of a contract were taken care of by NUMI. “At NUMI I don’t have to deal with the hardest and most frustrating parts of being a freelancer: scoping, budget, and legal.”

Joining an Amazing Network

Most of all, Kerim was thrilled to be joining a talented network of Pros and clients. Rather than feeling like he was alone trying to find new clients to engage with, he is now part of a community of talented professionals. “Working with NUMI is a brilliant experience.”

“Working with NUMI is a brilliant experience.”

Kerim Al-Lami

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