ThreePillars Recruiting

ThreePillars Recruiting

ThreePillars is a widely respected recruiting firm that serves incredible startups as they scale their teams. They’ve helped fill vacancies at BetMGM, Fiverr, Matterkind, and BCG.

The ThreePillars team wanted to modernize their website, which they hadn’t touched since 2014. They wanted a new website that reflected their expertise and stature in the talent industry.

“We wanted a website that was as professional as we were in our work. We wanted a website that would immediately tell a customer what ThreePillars is, and gave a clear next step to customers after they learned about us,” Harrison Richman, project manager at ThreePillars.

“But we knew we needed design expertise. So when it was time to redesign our site, we knew we wanted to work with someone who knew best in web design. That’s why we worked with NUMI.”

NUMI worked with ThreePillars to overhaul and modernize their website using Webflow, a no-code tool. With Webflow, ThreePillars could edit and maintain the website themselves after NUMI built it. This allowed them to keep costs under control.

“Working with Elijah, our NUMI designer, was great” Harrison Richman said. “Elijah was super-involved. There was a lot of back and forth.

“He got into the weeds. I loved how communicative Elijah was about about the details and options available to us. He sets himself up to not be hand-held, clearly communicating what he did every week.

“We’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the new site so far.

“If we have design projects down the line, NUMI is who we’re coming to.”

Our NUMI designer, Elijah, is the man. We gotten a lot of compliments new site so far. If we have design projects down the line, NUMI is who we're coming to.

Harrison Richman

Project Manager, ThreePillars Recruiting

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