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Silicon Valley-caliber developers and designers, at half the cost.

Excellent quality, Excellent cost

Silicon-Valley caliber

Vetted by an SF-trained, Y Combinator-backed engineering and design team.

Broad range of skills

React, Node, Python, Angular, Swift, React Native, Java, .NET, UI/UX, Webflow, Branding and more.

Half the Cost

Ship more and go faster with your existing budget.

Why do teams choose NUMI?



Faster to fill your vacancies

Saved time


Hours saved per hire on candidate interviews



Satisfaction across 2 years of placements

Why does the best talent join NUMI?

Steady work at great remote-first companies.

Opportunities at great companies

High re-engagement rate

Passionate about remote work

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Powering the Best Startups

"Hannah from NUMI was great. She was an excellent generalist who was able to cover so many of our bases, and became critical in measuring and optimizing several marketing KPIs. I would definitely recommend NUMI to other startups."

Danny Grannick

CEO, Bristle Health (YC W21)

"We were ready to sign Sergei, the engineer we found through NUMI, after a single call. He immediately started picking up big-brained engineering problems on the backend. We were so happy with Sergei that we started the search for another engineer through NUMI"

Gregory Gevorkyan

CEO, Modernbank (YC W20)

"We tried out NUMI because of its cost effectiveness. After one call, they connected us with an awesome full stack engineer with 7+ years experience who made a great addition to our team"

Peter Pezaris

CEO, Codestream (YC W18, acq. New Relic)

"NUMI was instrumental in our early days when finding our first product Designer. Harrison understood our time pressure and worked really quickly to help us find the right designer for our team."

Pranay Prakash

CEO, Windsor.io (YC W19)