YouTube Music is a music streaming service that was created by YouTube in November 2015. The service is available in 58 countries and allows users to listen to music from their library, as well as from YouTube's own catalog of songs. The service also offers artist radio stations, where users can listen to music based on their favorite artists, and remix stations, where users can listen to remixes of their favorite songs. YouTube Music also offers "mixtape" playlists, which are collections of songs that are meant to be listened to together. One of the main features of YouTube Music is its "Offline Mixtape" feature. This feature allows users to save songs from their library or YouTube's catalog to a list, which can then be listened to offline. The Offline Mixtape feature also allows users to add songs to a playlist even if they don't have the song saved to their library. In addition to its regular features, YouTube Music has also offered several special features in honor of popular events and holidays. For example, in December 2018, YouTube Music offered a "Christmas Jukebox" feature that allowed users to listen to Christmas-themed music on demand.

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