Inform is a programming language specifically designed for creating interactive fiction, a computer game where the player reads a story that includes choices that affect the outcome. It was created in the early 1990s by Graham Nelson and has since become a popular tool among interactive fiction writers. Inform is based on the older programming language Z-machine, which was also designed for interactive fiction. Inform is a very versatile language; it can be used to create games with simple text-based interfaces or more complex graphical ones. It also allows for considerable flexibility in game design; players can make choices that affect the course of the game, and there are many different ways to structure and code story interactions. In addition, Inform comes with extensive built-in support for creating and managing game objects, handling player input and output, and incorporating sound and graphics. For all its features, Inform is relatively easy to learn; its syntax is straightforward, and it has comprehensive online documentation. Additionally, there are many tutorials available both online and in print that can walk you through the basics of using Inform to create your own interactive fiction games.

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