Adobe After Effects is a software program used by video editors and motion graphic artists to create and composite visual effects. It is popular among independent filmmakers and video production studios, as well as commercial television and movie production houses. After Effects can be used to create 2D or 3D animations, motion graphics, titles, and special effects. The software was created in 1993 by Adobe Systems Incorporated, and has been continuously updated since then. After Effects is part of the Adobe Creative Suite, which also includes programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro. The program is available for Windows and macOS operating systems. After Effects has a wide variety of features that allow users to create complex visual effects. These include: -Layer-based animation: This allows users to animate individual elements of a scene separately from each other. This can be done by creating layers in the program's timeline, which can be manipulated to create movement or change over time. -Keyframes: After Effects allows users to create keyframes for any property of a layer or effect. This means that an animation or effect can be controlled at specific points in time, rather than having to be animated over the entire duration of the clip. -3D space: After Effects allows users to create 3D scenes by adding multiple layers into a "3D space." This gives users more flexibility in how they want to portray their scene, and can be used for both static shots or full 3D animations. -Particles: After Effects includes a built-in particle system that allows users to create realistic fire, smoke, rain, and other special effects. The particle system can be customized to create almost any desired effect.

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