Webflow Showcase: 10 Amazing Websites Built in Webflow

Ten Amazing Webflow Websites and a Quick Breakdown of Why they Rock

Webflow Showcase: 10 Amazing Websites Built in Webflow

Webflow is a powerful web design tool that allows you to create beautiful websites without any coding required. Looking for some web design inspiration for your Webflow site? Check out these 10 amazing websites that were all built using Webflow.

The sites in this Webflow showcase are a testament to what can be created with the no code platform. They'll surely inspire you to create your own stunning website!

Each company's marketing website on this list showcases creative uses of features like animations, interactivity, search, and custom logic. They've made their sites unique to their brands using the many expressive tools on the Webflow platform. Hopefully you'll find some inspiration from each business's website.

Web Design Principles to Look Out in this Showcase

In general, all of the websites in this showcase embody great web design. Great design is a concern with any website, not just ones built using Webflow.

The most important web design principles you should look out for in this Webflow showcase are:

Information Architecture

This is the most important starting point for any good digital design. When building a website, you need to consider how the information is arranged, organized, and emphasized.

While you may want to rush into flashy visuals to make the best looking site possible, getting information architecture right is like eating your vegetables: it should always come first.

How are pages composed? What elements have the highest priority? Does each page pass the "squint test", where the most important thing on the page is the one that's most prominent when you squint? Is each page organized in a way that gives the visitor a clear next action?

Contrast and Style

Contrast is crucial for giving any composition balance, be it or a tactile product, or a painting or illustration. Websites are digital, but they are no exception to this.

Webflow offers a lot of avenues to design a website with great contrast. Most of this contrast comes up in the styling.

How does contrast get used to emphasize content and steer the reader's focus? What tone do the colors, the spacing, and the general style set for the reader?

Interaction and Animation

Any conversation about animations should start with the caveat that they can be excessive. When used with restraint and focus, animation is a powerful tool to help steer the viewer's attention. Text is inferior to speech when it comes to imparting emotion.

Well-utilized animation can overcome this, by giving text a sense of inflection and pace. Webflow's features to support animation are significant. Most commonly, Webflow designers animate individual elements in their project to draw attention in response to scroll events.

How does animation give a website a sense of "aliveness"? How are voice-like "inflections" created through proper animation design? What are the different ways animation helps the shape the mood of the page, and even its energy levels?

There are plenty of other design themes to keep in mind. We recommend going through each of these websites and taking notes on what you like and don't like. This will help you identify themes that you can then use for the design of your own website.

1. Mobot

Mobot a QA platform that uses actual robots to automate app testing on real mobile devices. Mobot's human-supervised robots automate mobile app tests with live, physical devices, catching issues that emulators, virtual devices, and software-only frameworks can't.

They eliminates thousands of hours of manual testing, increases testing efficiency and physical device coverage, and captures more bugs in-app before releases than software can catch on its own.

Why We Love It: Contrast, Video, and And Interaction

Their site takes advantage of several Webflow features, including animations, scroll-spying, interactivity. The design, with its black background, centers the content into focus.

Mobot's marketing website also takes advantage of Webflow's fast-loading video components to visualize Mobot's robot testing services. They also use Webflow's content collections to host their blog, which maintains consistent styles with the homepage.

Mobot's website was built from the ground up a NUMI guild member who is a Webflow designer. You can read about the case study of the NUMI Mobot website project for more information.

2. EarlyBird

EarlyBird is the simplest way for parents, family, and friends to collectively invest in a child’s future. Their community-focused investing platform helps a child's loved ones fund the dreams of the next generation, while empowering each giver or contributor to leave a legacy of love in the form of video or photo memories alongside their contributions.

Why We Love It: Power-User Features Like Dynamic Content and Custom Code

EarlyBird's website utilizes Webflow's powerful customization capabilities. They use Javascript to create enhanced interactions and dynamic content loads.

These have helped Earlybird create bespoke, customized experiences for each visitor to their Webflow site, loading different content on the same pages, depending on how the visitor discovered the EarlyBird site, and what prior websites they may have come from.

Their blog is also a great place to source inspiration for your own Webflow blog. The graphics on the blog are all consistent to Earlybird's style guidelines.

NUMI builds and maintains much of EarlyBird's Webflow website functionality.

3. BioLinq

Biolinq has created a new Biowearable experience by utilizing electrochemical sensors that you barely feel. Their metabolic health sensors provide maximum reliability for continuous sensing. With the potential of analytes like glucose, lactate, and ketones, they enable an entirely new user experience focused on actionable insights around users' metabolisms.

Why We Love It:

The Biolinq website's most striking Webflow feature is parallax scrolling, which helps create a sense of depth and material.

3. Ready

Ready makes calendars live multiplayer workspaces to instantly make your meetings the very best they can be.

Why We Love It: Animations to Put Text in Motion

Visiting Ready's homepage feels like hearing a wonderful, lively, (no pun) animated pitch. Many of their graphics are animated, and their animations are scroll-dependent.

Ready's landing page is designed to keep you focused on key words that that way want you to remember.

Their Webflow website style takes advantage of neutral textured backgrounds to give it a feeling like paper. Their page features colorful 3D art, and the neutral background textures help the vibrant art stand out.

4. Mondays

MONDAYS is a coffee shop in New Orleans with direct relationships with many of the greatest coffee producers around the world. They source incredible coffee and offer it through their online website. They're a fixture in their community in NOLA. Fun fact - I visited them on my last trip to the city. I can confirm that their aesthetic is as immaculate in person as it is on their site.

Why We Love It: Less is More!

The design of the MONDAYS Webflow site is a case study in keeping structure minimal. They introduce themselves and then let the style and visuals on the site do the rest of the work.

Their site is one of the best examples of how your unique brand can easily shine on a well-built Webflow instance. It has very high-resolution photos of their cafe interior, which load quickly thanks to Webflow's performance content distribution network (CDN).

They do a great job utilizing tooltips that only show on hover, including ones for nutrition facts. The Mondays site takes advantage of Webflow's ecommerce functionality as well.

5. GridUp

GridUp is a software tool to that super-charges your Webflow development with things like style guides, connected components, and translations. It gives Webflow designers superpowers and helps companies get much more done with their limited resources. Agencies building in Webflow can complete tasks for their clients much faster

It's no surprise that GridUp's marketing site was built in Webflow, because its product was meant to help Webflow developers and designers. GridUp's design showcases the power of tasteful gradients. They give the GridUp page warmth and motion without distracting the user.

6. Coming Soon Kit

Coming Soon Kit gives you out of the box tools necessary to nail any product launch. It covers everything you need to launch your project, from templates to create waiting list pages to simple email capture forms. It works with marketing sites hosted on both Webflow and Vercel, and also comes with website design templates for Figma.

You can add your own unique styling, your company logo, and more to their resources. They were the 2nd best Product of the Day on Product Hunt when they launched.

Why We Love It: Gradients and Swipeable Elements

Coming Soon Kit is another "built for Webflow, built on Webflow" site. Their site includes swipeable carousel elements that show examples of how you can customize their templates.

7. Caleco Films

Caleco Films is a motion animation agency that focuses on the creation of interactive assets. They've delivered all kinds of projects, from businesses with a learn / education component to their product marketing, to a high fidelity product "inspection" that becomes easier over the browser when the assets are interactive to user inputs like scrolling, panning, pinching, and swiping.

Whatever physical product your business sells, Caleco will make your customers want it more.

Why We Love It: It Lives Out the Value Prop Through the Design

The Caleco Webflow site demonstrates their commitment to the interactive asset creation process: an in-motion asset is within view at all times. It's a great example of how your customers can learn about your product by seeing it in action on your own site.

It features some of the best animations on this list. Note that these animations are most likely custom, as Webflow does not have as easy support for 3D-rotation animations baked into its core feature set. Note though that it isn't clear in its first screen, and could stand to be a bit more usable and clear as to what this site is for. This may work if all the traffic to the site is direct, but will be a huge drawback for channels like SEO.

8. Mindstate Design Labs

Mindstate Design Labs that focuses on psychadelic drug development for mental therapeutics. Their team is made up of biotech operators and experts.

Why We Love It: Clever Parallels Between the Product and the Website Design

Their site shows a slightly different approach to animations than other Webflow websites on this list. Not only are the animations constant, but they overlay with transformations that happen as a result of scrolling.

Namely, the pupil close-up on the homepage expands as you scroll down, emulating the pupil expansion of the eyes with psychedelics. There's a lot of inspiration to draw from here, especially when it comes to creative parallels between the design of your Webflow website and the actual line of work of your business.

9. Chertkov Art

Chertkov Art is a website of a of neo-expressionist painter named Alexander Chertkov. It contains the portfolio of his paintings, in very high resolution, that visitors can explore.

Why We Love It: A Design that Lets the Content Shine

Chertkov Art has striking animations that are very performant considering the high fidelity images that move around with each scroll. This site takes advantage of the many optimizations Webflow does under the hood to keep interactions snappy for site visitors.

The design on the Chertkov Art's Webflow website is fairly minimal. This makes sense though: the goal is to keep your focus on the the paintings Alexander has created, rather than to get you through a conversion funnel.

While Chertkov offers his paintings for sale here, he doesn't use Webflow's ecommerce functionality. Instead, you have to use the contact form on his website to reach out to him.

10. Sinkco Labs

Sinkco Labs creates protein-dense carbon negative products that capture 17kg of CO2 for every 1kg of protein used.

Why We Love It: Negative Space and Inverted Color

The Sinkco Labs company website how to use negative space for maximum impact. They introduce their brand color as the dominant color above the fold through a photo. They then repeat it as their dominant color throughout the site.

They took advantage of a cursor styling feature that feels just a little bit excessive, inverted the area underneath the cursor. While this may look great for visual design, from a web design perspective it is actually just a little bit distracting.

That said, if you want to make an impact, inverting colors around a mouse cursor is one of the best ways to do it.

Conclusion: The Expressive Power of Webflow Websites

Great websites don't happen by accident. And every website's needs are unique. It doesn't take a long time to learn the basics of Webflow, but the tool has so much expressive power that can take years to truly master.

Websites don't just get built faster with Webflow, these 10 websites demonstrate that there's so much functionality available to designers to customize their sites. The Webflow platform some of the best web development features for anyone who wants to make the next great site.

Without writing any code, you can add powerful animations, and interactive elements to your project. Every designer seeks inspiration as part of their creative process.

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