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Growth Playbook


Our #1 goal is to get you to your first online sale within 14 days to get to your first order. Building your businesses ecommerce strategy for the future is like investing or dieting, it takes dedication and discipline but you’ll begin to see the results over time.

This Growth Playbook requires behavioral changes from you that you may not be used to and will challenge the way you currently do business. Following this guide will increase sales over the course of 6 months if you stay the course. We've seen our merchants have up to 55% better performance for sales that run at the end of the month when using NUMI.

Online customers spend 71% more when compared to in-store customers and 48% of ecommerce transactions are from repeat customers. The best thing you can do to increase sales immediately is convert your existing base to shop online, repeatedly.

Within here steps to grow your online business based on best practices. If at anytime you have questions, reach out to use via or reach out to your account executive.

Reach out to after implementing what you've learned from this Growth Playbook to complete your first sale. Getting your first sale will unlock a complimentary audit, we'll grade your adherence and provide ways to improve by pointing to sections in the playbook to revisit that are specific to your business.


1) Send your customer product links to encourage them to buy on the spot.

  • NUMI App > Products > Select Product > Tap Share Icon in top right corner
  • If the customer isn't inclined to shop online, you can go into the NUMI App > Orders > Create an Invoice on their behalf which will still send them an order link to purchase and provide you all the benefits of NUMI

2) Set up an auto response with for all your socials directing customers to your website to save you time

  • "Thanks for reaching out! Product information and online ordering available at!

    Use promo SAVE200 at checkout to save KSh 200! on your first online order!"

3) Post at least 5 visually engaging stories a day using a free app like Canva (Android or iOS)

  • Always type out your shop link or use sticker link so people can know where to order
  • Post Polls, ask your audience questions, giveaways, announcing new products, sales, and feature your loyal customers
  • Post video and reel of screen recording browsing through the website

4) Always include your website in your profile with a call to action

  • Remove email and phone contact information from bio. Put it in it within the contact buttons

5) Create a sale and market it

  • NUMI App > Customers > Marketing
  • We recommend having an online-only sale in the middle and at the end each month when people get paid. Post stories, DM your clients, and call your clients who spend the most money in the run up to the sale to raise awareness 7 days before the start of the sale.
  • Have this sale last a minimum of 7 days. We recommend having the middle sale be from 11-18th with lower discounts and 25-5th for higher discounts. The reason is because you want even distribution in sales throughout the month steadily rising and if you can get someone to purchase when they're low on money then that's a strong indicator to prepare for the end/start of month sale!
  • Be sure to adjust for recent or topical events to stay relevant and engaged with your audience
  • If someone likes a paid post then feel free to reach out to them with a coupon, that's a hot lead!
  • We recommend posting for a long period of time with a low to medium spend. You can try KSh 700 a day for a week minimum.

6) Post a minimum of 1 post a day with a rich caption. Save this caption template (below) in your phones Notes app to copy and paste for future use:

  • ✨ Happy new month beautiful people! With a new month comes new products.

    🛒 Available now for KSh 5,000


    🇲🇨 Monaco Kimono Colors: Red or White Sizes: Small, Medium, or Large


    📢 Visit us at our Mall Outlet on the 1st floor at the Pop Up Market. Open everyday from 9am-7pm. Need help? Reach out!

    #printsplease #kenyafashion #styleinspo #weekendstyle #ikojnic #ikojnlive #newin #kimonodreams #newdrop #lifestyle
  • Proper grammar
  • Shop online with website link
  • Emojis at front of each point, try for 3 or less
  • Give spacing between lines, so people may read more easily
  • Name of product
  • A descriptive line about product
  • Tag people in photo or clients who have expressed interest in product
  • Variants and prices
  • Store hours
  • Get help with your business number
  • Delivery expectations
  • Minimum of 5 quality hashtags that speak to the photo or your brand
  • Algorithms will deprioritize your posts if you have too much test or prices in photos. Keep this information within the caption.

7) Help online-hesitant customers trust and spend money at your shop

  • Help those that may not be trusting of a website by creating an invoice on their behalf. NUMI will create an invoice they can pay using a safe and secure payment link you can send to them wherever you're having the conversation with them (whatsapp, text, etc.)
  • NUMI App > Orders > Create Invoice

8) Make a custom promo code for sales, special occasions, holidays, etc for a fixed amount. For example, if you're having a sale, you can put in your stories or posts, "Save KSh 200 at checkout on your first order by using SAVE200!"

  • Giveaways and raffles are a great way to get people to engage with your brand. Perhaps for every online purchase, your customers are entered into a raffle or giveaway selected at the end of the week.
  • Mention in your bio that you will feature those that tag you with your product. This will engage your base, make a loyal following, and build trust amongst viewers.

9) Always engage with your customers in comments, DMs, and phone

  • Do not ever delete customers comments on a post and always be polite and address their concerns or comments
  • Be proactive and try to motivate them to shop online to learn more about product after reaching out to them personally with promo code to ease tension
  • Always call your most profitable customers on a regular basis
  • 80% of your energy should be focused on the 20% of the clients making you the most money

10) Get more comfortable with video, it's the future

  • Video commerce is the fastest way to build trust and is the future of commerce. Post on Instagram Reels, create a YouTube and TikTok account then use those videos on your other platforms. Always be where your customers are!
  • Posting videos of you walking through the product (ex. If a Dress: Talk about fit, how to style it, material, sizes, variants, price, where to wear, where to get it, mention order online, etc.)
  • Don’t be shy of the camera and if you are, just make it a shot of your hands describing the product! You are a source of trust, people listen to your wisdom.

11) Want free customer acquisition?

  • Have your staff at your retail stores tell your customers about your NUMI-powered online store at the point of checkout. It can be as simple as, "Did you know you can shop online with us?" as you hand the customer their receipt!

12) Connect your NUMI Shop to Facebook and Instagram Shops

  • Follow these instructions on how to set up Facebook and Instagram Shops to start displaying and selling products on the worlds most popular platforms. People who visit your shop can browse your products, make purchases, and get to know your brand.
  • Products uploaded or changed on the NUMI app automatically get uploaded to your Facebook and Instagram Shop within 4 hours. We recommend getting in the habit of uploading new products to NUMI at night so that they're available to tag in the morning by the time you post.
  • Start Tagging products on Instagram. Tag posts and stories along with any customers that gave a shoutout. Use product URL stickers on every post

13) Own a retail location?

  • Turn your cashiers into a free salesforce by training them routinely on encouraging customers to shop online as they walk out of the store as a standard operating procedure (SOP).
  • If you have a pop-up shop at multiple locations, be sure to purchase for each location
  • If it's not you who will be doing this, be sure to train your shop attendant on these best practices and check in often to make sure they're adhering to the playbook. You will need to check often to make this SOP (standard operating procedure).
  • You can purchase an at-cost, professionally designed table talker and business cards with QR for your stores checkout counter. If they have purchased something, always include a business card in each bag for both online and physical purchases. Reach out to for quote.
  • Be sure to encourage your customers at checkout to scan the QR code or take a QR business card with a promo to incentivize them to shop online.

14) Keep an eye on your analytics

  • Understanding your customers allows you to build trust with them. The more trust you have, the more likely they will feel comfortable spending more with you, more frequently
  • Share on Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, email campaigns, social media, comments, etc.

15) Share your link with the world!

  • Help your SEO by sharing your NUMI powered site often and regularly with