11 Proven Ways to Find Product Market Fit Faster with Design

Design isn't just about how things look - it's a process of understanding that founders can use to find product market fit faster.

11 Proven Ways to Find Product Market Fit Faster with Design

When speaking to a handful of founding teams every day about design, I noticed that a lot of them don’t really understand how to conduct user research. They’re curious, but maybe don’t have the experience so here are some tips I share with them as a product designer and founder:

  1. Just watch 'em: See how users act in their natural habitat, where they'd actually use your product. You'll learn how they really behave and spot their pain points.
  2. Diary time: Ask users to jot down their thoughts and feelings while using your product for a bit. You'll get a feel for their habits and emotions over time.
  3. Let them help design: Invite users to join you in designing the product. They'll feel more invested, and you'll get a better idea of what they want.
  4. Job-to-be-done chats: Focus on what your users are trying to do with your product. Talk to them about why they want to do these things and what outcomes they're after.
  5. Test on the fly: Run quick, informal user tests in public spots like coffee shops or parks. You'll get fast feedback from all sorts of people.
  6. Prototype face-off: Make a few different prototypes and see which one users like best. This way, you can quickly figure out what works and what doesn't.
  7. Lights, camera, action: Get users to film themselves using your product and talking about their experience. You'll get an up-close look at their thoughts and feelings.
  8. Make research fun: Turn user research into games or challenges. Users will have a blast and be more willing to share their thoughts.
  9. Social media stalking (kinda): Keep an eye on social media for chats about your product or industry. You'll catch trends and pain points you might've missed otherwise.
  10. Team up with influencers: Work with well-known folks in your industry to get feedback and reach their followers for user research. It's a win-win situation.
  11. Slack invite: There is nothing scarier than having your customer have access to your time whenever they want. Equally, there is nothing more rewarding than having your customer have access to you whenever they want :) Embrace the scary…odds are, it’s good for you AND your company.

Is there anything you think should be added to this list? Always love to hear how other founders stay close to their customers!

Reach out to me at harrison.telyan@numi.tech and let me know :)

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