Tiffany Blue

Tiffany Blue is a light blue color that is often associated with the Tiffany & Co. brand. The color was first used on the company's packaging in 1881 and has been a popular choice for both home decor and fashion ever since. Tiffany Blue is believed to be inspired by the robin's egg blue color that was popular in the early 1800s. The light blue shade is universally flattering and can be paired with many different colors, making it a versatile choice for any outfit or home decor scheme. Tiffany Blue is often used as a wedding color due to its association with love and romance. It can also be used to create a calm and serene atmosphere in any room.

Color Codes

95, 0, 3, 27
10, 186, 181
178.3°, 89.8, 38.4
178.3°, 94.6, 72.9

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