Top 3 Ways to Create Loyalty with Your Customers in Africa

Ecommerce shoppers naturally want to connect with you as an African retailer. By understanding the needs of your customers and designing ways to match their expectations, you can create rewarding and lasting relationships. We’ll cover how to create strong customer relationships that boost loyalty and drive retention.

  1. Talk to your customers every week

Active listening is the foundation of any great relationship. As a retailer, strive to always keep a finger on the pulse of your customer relationships. By learning what matters most to your customers, you’ll be in a position to meet them at their point of need, and in turn, they’ll reward you through continued loyalty.

The best way to do this is by actively reaching out to customers for feedback through surveys, polls on social media and direct 1:1 outreach. From these conversations, you can gather a lot of qualitative data about what your customers love and don’t love about your store’s shopping experience.

  1. Reward your customers

With this deeper understanding of your customers, you can create a loyalty program that’s geared towards a retention-focused strategy.

Ideally, you should first look at the behaviour of your top customers, since there are specific metrics that define this segment: Once you’ve identified their behaviours, you can encourage those same valuable actions from even more of your customers by using incentives — reward frequent purchases through promotions or even a special gift if they refer a friend.

  1. Put the customer relationship first

Real relationships are not purely transactional. Be sure to make it clear to your shoppers that you provide value beyond just your products. You can do this by creating your loyalty program in a way that creates a sense of community. Additionally, make sure to highlight your loyalty program into your communications with customers.

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