Ecommerce Tips for Small Businesses

Ecommerce tips for small businesses. 

Today,  ecommerce is the only way to ensure your business’s longevity, especially if you are a new entrepreneur or small retailer. No matter your field of business, e-commerce is vital to keeping your business afloat and the revenue streams flowing. 

First impressions matter

In ecommerce, small businesses only get a small window to make a lasting first impression, so make it count! Online shoppers also need to feel comfortable and safe with your website’s look, functionality and features. A small business needs to invest in a storefront design that is appealing to the eye and drives conversions and sales. 

Customer-centricity is key

Focusing on the user experience can have long-lasting effects on your business. Your brand awareness, traffic and sales all depend on it.Being a small business, you can compete with bigger brands by employing some innovative tactics to win against the goliaths in your space.  Some innovative ways include having an easy checkout process, offering free shipping, and a robust refunds and return policy to accommodate unsatisfied customers. Learn how to build a loyal customer base in our blog post.

Be social! 

Having an online presence is a non-negotiable for small businesses. Social media is now widely acknowledged to be the backbone of ecommerce businesses. It not only gives you an uninterrupted snapshot into the lives of your current customers but it also helps you reach potential customers. Include different elements of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp in your marketing campaigns.

Don’t overlook calls-to-action 

A properly designed call-to-action (CTA) drives conversions and sales for your online business. Have short, descriptive, benefit-oriented CTAs e.g. “sign up and unlock free deliveries” not “next”, “shop” or “continue”. You also must place your CTA where it’s easily noticed, preferably above the fold on your homepage. 


Starting a new businesses is not easy.  That is why we at NUMI have assembled the above e-commerce tips for your small business. The most important thing is to remain focused and keep learning. 

Never allow your business to stagnate. Trends, technology, and customer tastes will evolve over time, and you also must keep up if your small business to thrive and grow. 

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